the time i made the creator of mad men double over with laughter

i can’t believe the essay i’m about to discuss is from 2007.  that feels like a million years ago, but i still remember my dad shuffling over, arm extended, fluttering a print edition of the new york times style section at me.  “hey jule.  this is a really funny article.  it’s by that guy you like…” 

adrien brody?  matthew mcconaughey?  ryan gosling?   

alas, no.  he meant matthew weiner, the creator of mad men, who is totally attractive in his own right.  as an early adopter of mad men, i gleefully read the essay penned by the same brilliant mind.  of course i loved it, and quietly began the tradition of re-reading it every Christmas. 

years passed: the world financial system collapsed, my childhood dog died, i moved to LA.

flash forward to September of this year, when i was lucky enough to meet weiner at an event.  “mad men changed my life!” i blurted out too soon after introductions.  this was my first celebrity encounter after 4 years in LA, so i was unpracticed at the fine art of limiting myself to “i love your work.” 

he was grateful but i had the nagging feeling i was forgetting something.  then it hit me and without hesitation, i announced, “i re-read “The Sweater Only a Mom (and Analyst) Could Love” every Christmas!”

and that, dear readers, is when the renowed showrunner burst out laughing.  it was incredible.  i was as startled by his reaction as he was by my exclamation.  once we both recovered, he confessed its publication caused unrest in his family.  the term “atomic bomb” was used.  be that as it may, the article is a lot of fun if you aren’t personally involved.  the link is below.  i hope you enjoy!

at least this song never disappoints: dominick the donkey