the view from hump day

how would your current frustrations appear from the perspective of the last days of your life? 

heavy, i know.  but honestly.  take a second and reflect right now.

  • will the people looming large still be around?  
  • will present circumstances continue to be relevant?  
  • will the objects driving you nuts even exist?  hate to break it to you, but your frozen iPhone won't be on the nightstand of your deathbed.

or would whatever's happening now turn out to be fleeting, like a summer thunderstorm--intense and all-consuming while it lasts but clearing quickly?

and would you see the present as a chapter in a larger, longer, richer story?  and this is what happened in september, 2015.  sure, it'll affect what comes later, but who knows how much?

think of it this way: have you ever forgotten by thursday what riled you up earlier in the week?   

that's what this idea is asking of you, but on a larger scale.  time and new experiences tend to neutralize what came before until we're only left with the most significant events.

it's just something happening right now.  nothing more, nothing less.