#the100dayproject update

#the100dayproject refresher: i’m drawing my aspirations every day for 100 days and posting them on instagram as part of the great discontent’s #the100dayproject

my goal is two-fold: improve my drawing and increase the likelihood of achieving these goals through awareness of them. 

it’s difficult, kids.  i should’ve chosen 100 days of puddles.  i’m nearly a week behind (i know!)  but i figured out why. 

part of the problem is the drawing. i want to improve, but it can be a drag.  the disconnect between what i see and what i put on the page is astonishing.  although the instructions i follow for my basic, cartoon-like drawing is sequential and linking geometric shapes, i tend to jump right in and get pretty two-dimensional about it. 

the other issue is the content of the aspirations.  sometimes they’re too personal and i don’t feel like going deep.  i guess i also get two-dimensional emotionally.  hence, the karaoke ambition.  my instagram account is julia_gabrick if you want to follow me.

here’s some info. on the unlabeled drawings:

  • “enough” is “own only what i need.” 
  • the mediating person is “not let anything get in the way of daily meditation.”
  • the drum set is “learn to play them.”