this essay changed my life

last april, elle luna, a san francisco-based artist and designer, published an essay titled “When You're at the Crossroads of Should and Must” on first round review.  i caught it on fast company, loved it, printed it, and carried it for days as a talisman. 

it simultaneously confirmed my inner stirrings for change as it warded off self-doubt.  as Buddha said, when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

along with other forces, the article moved me closer to leaving my comfort zone (which i consider a “comfort straightjacket,” but that’s for another post), my job, and much of my stability.

in a wave of minimalist fury over the summer i scanned, then recycled, my printout, so i’m left with a PDF these days.  but i fondly remember taking the hard copy to a café on Larchmont (baby cakes, for the LA readers) and poring over it while sipping lemonade.  with each reading, i felt closer to my future.  in fact, this very blog is evidence of my decision.

while involved in all kinds of amazing ventures, luna extended the essay into a book, which will be published in april, exactly a year from the essay’s publication.  frankly, i think just getting a real book published in a year is extraordinary.

i realize this could read as commissioned fawning hyperbole about a friend, so let me clarify: i don’t know luna personally.  i’m just inspired by her. 

therefore, this is uncommissioned praise from someone she doesn’t know exists.  here’s her site again, and the link to her bulan project, which produces "limited edition livable art," and is a direct result of her plunge into “must.”

do yourself a favor and read the essay here