vipassana day 0

happy new year in advance!  may 2015 be an amazing year for all of you.  i also hope you’re able to be consistent with any changes you want to make.  a year is a long time, and many start out with huge plans that stay gigantic and thus, unrealized. 

but the cool and powerful thing about a year is how it’s made up of much shorter chunks of time, called days.  these “days” are the key to making lasting changes.  maybe it’s because they’re always coming at you.  their very relentlessness, which can sound brutal, also provides endless chances to renew your dedication, to improve, or to make up for falling off the wagon yesterday. 

‘you will never change your life until you change something you do daily.’ - mike murdockso (he’s a televangelist but on the preceding sentence, we agree)

today i’m driving to the desert and beginning my vipassana course.  i’m 75% excited and 25% terrified.  overall, i think i’ll feel much better once i see where i’ll be sleeping. 

i’ve scheduled daily posts while i’m out of range.  they’re all excerpts from “being in love: how to love with awareness and relate without fear” by osho, a brilliant man whose work you should read in full.  i’ll check in as soon as i can after the course ends on the 11th.  again, happy new year! and if it comes to mind, send good vibes to the Joshua Tree area. 

before i go, here’s music for you, “song for zula” , by phosphorescent.  the desert always reminds me of this song, probably because of the line “And we race out on the desert plains all night,” which sounds like a fantastic use of time, right?

if i could only listen to one song for the rest of my life, this might be it.  what’s yours?