vipassana day 8

“aloneness means purity.  aloneness means that you are just yourself and nobody else.  aloneness means that you are pure gold; just gold and nothing else, just you.  love makes you alone.  loneliness will disappear, but aloneness will arise. 

loneliness is a state when you are ill with yourself, bored with yourself, tired of yourself, and you want to go somewhere and to forget yourself in being involved with somebody else.  aloneness is when you are thrilled just by your being…need has disappeared, you are enough unto yourself.  but now, a new thing arises in your being.  you have so much that you cannot contain it.  you have to share, you have to give.  and whoever accepts your gift, you will feel grateful that the person has accepted.”  - “being in love: how to love with awareness and relate without fear” by osho