vipassana day 9

“it does not mean that a person who is centered in his aloneness, complete in himself, cannot make friends.  in fact, only that person can make friends, because now it is no longer a need it is just sharing…and when you share, there is no question of clinging.  you flow with existence, you flow with life’s change, because it doesn’t matter with whom you share.  it can be the same person tomorrow—the same person for your whole life—or it can be different persons…it is simply out of your fullness that you want to give.”  - “being in love: how to love with awareness and relate without fear” by osho

this is so true!  i occasionally catch myself behaving this way.  it feels like a state of flow, just endless giving.  those times are really just glimpses, but i hope to eventually string these moments together into a sustained, general contentedness with any social situation.