we’re all the FedEx guy in someone else’s life

each human interaction is an exchange of feeling, right?  consciously or not, we deliver “packages” of emotions—grief, hope, fear, joy, distress, and love—to each other all the time. 

the messenger side is straightforward.  you’re generally aware of what you’re giving others. 

but you also choose whether you’ll accept the other person’s “delivery.”  and this receiving end is where it becomes tricky. 

because we tend to get riled up by other people’s emotions.  when someone yells at us, our impulse is to respond the same way.  but if you step back and think of the other person’s messy emotion as a tidy package they can only offload if you accept it, the situation changes and the power shifts to you. 

think of it this way.  mistakes get made in the delivery process all the time.  that’s why you don’t blindly sign for whatever cardboard box the delivery guy hands you, right? 

you look it over first.  you confirm the package is right for you.  and the question becomes, ‘will you sign and give it space in your life, or refuse it?’ 

likewise, other people’s emotions are suggestions, not orders.  you don’t have to let their bad energy in.  instead, you have the option to brush it off by thinking, “sorry, this doesn’t belong to me.  wrong address,” and send it on its way.