what i learned from instagram, part 3 of 3

parts 1 and 2 are below

you know that expression, “it’s not all about you,” implying we should get over ourselves and stop assuming we’re the center of the universe?  of course you do.  i contend it is all about you, just not how you think

instead of a constant ego trip, every experience is a chance to further understand ourselves.  it’s all about you because it’s all a reflection of you.  if you’re open to seeing what events demonstrate about you, each one becomes an opportunity for growth.  after shifting to this mindset, life becomes a bonanza.  rather than feeling wounded by external forces beyond your control, you get this “sock it to me, life!” attitude because you’re curious about what you’ll learn. 

for example, i couldn’t deal with instagram because i placed too much value in other peoples' opinions.  when they didn’t give me the gratification i needed i felt unworthy.  it is so disgusting, so embarrassing, to write those words.  but it’s true.   i outsourced my self-worth to strangers.  and the next step is figuring out why.

arguably, i could’ve stuck with instagram and decided not to care about photo likes one way or the other.  but in the end it wasn’t worth it to me.  i got the lesson and besides, the less time i spend looking at my phone the better my life is. 

i recommend using this portion of the poem ‘After the Gentle Poet Kobayashi Issa’ by Robert Hass as a simple reminder to return to empowered thinking:

From now on,   

It’s all clear profit,   

   every sky.