what if a damaging mindset was all you had to lose?

in praise of james mccrae's sh*t your ego says

let's assume your perception creates your reality, so how you see dictates what you see (and get).  then the ego comes along from its defensive, insecure place and limits your outlook, eventually squashing your reality.  

but what if there were an alternative to following the ego?  there is.  listening to your higher self is another possibility and it's what James McCrae is all about.  officially, he's a creative director and strategist, but personally, he's a wise and relentlessly inspiring peer.  

i read his e-books--Turning Imagination Into Results and Inspiration is a Habit--at a park near my apartment one spring afternoon.   although i was going through a lonely patch, by the end of the books i felt connected to this stranger and nearly matched his optimism.  

his monthly newsletter is brief but beefy.  you can also read the introduction for his forthcoming Sh*t Your Ego Says book here.