what if you said this instead?

i’ve got nothin’ but time. 

that was his refrain.  and he was serious.  it rolled off his tongue as though it were part of his name.

are you sure? i’d ask.  we were grad students.  there was always something to do.

did you get expelled? 

nope.  he simply kept school in perspective. 

a Ron-Swanson-in-training, he’s the last person you’d expect to find aboard the self-improvement train, yet there he was, quietly adopting a positive outlook toward our most valuable and irreplaceable commodity

hearing it felt extravagant, like i’d received permission to finally relax into an abundance instead of surreptitiously checking my watch to make sure i wasn’t running over.

i say it occasionally.  and while it still feels luxurious, i never manage his conviction.  my version is more, i’ve got nothin’ but time, but some needs to be spent alone.  plus i have yoga at six.  but i bet you can do better.

try saying it to someone you want to spend more time with.  see how it makes you feel.  and observe how they respond. 

let me know how it goes in the comments!