what Jerry Seinfeld taught me about pain

while watching the Trevor Noah episode of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” my ears perked up at one of Seinfeld’s lines.  i re-winded, (is that still said?) i slid the little dot backward and transcribed his statement verbatim.

“pain is knowledge rushing in to fill a gap.” 

naturally, he used a funny example—stubbing your toe on the edge of the bed—but the concept is profound.  it's more reflection than i anticipated from a 20-minute web series.  

pain isn’t a personal injustice.  it’s an onslaught of data you ignored, overlooked, or were genuinely unaware of.  like a brain freeze of the intellect, the signals arrive so quickly it hurts.  

but within reason, awareness is the antidote to pain.  that's true whether you're navigating the size of your bed or grand life lessons.