• choose yourself! by james altucher.   happy with your corporate life?  that's about to change.  inspiration for striking out on your own.    prepare to fluctuate between "i can totally do this" and "oh my god, what am i thinking?"  
    • blue truth by david deida.   he's a controversial guy but i appreciate his insights.  this is the best book of his i've read for both men and women.  
    • love yourself like your life depends on it by kamal ravikant. really quick, powerful read.  i don't do what he suggests, but you know. whatever.  impressive story.  i wanted more.

    • tao te ching  by lao-tzu.  i never felt as calm while reading as i did when i began reading this.   although the debate over which translation is best rages on, i've made up my mind.  i like the stephen mitchell one because it's clear as can be.  personally, i'm not looking for poetry but metaphors to bear in mind.
    • the untethered soul: the journey beyond yourself by michael a. singer.  a tough, truthful pill to swallow.  if you do, you'll be liberated.  it's merely a question of what you want.

    • midnight in sicily by peter robb.  if you have any interest in digging deeper into the italian mafia.  i'd catch myself at work looking forward to something, then i'd realize it was going home to read this book.  so engrossing and unbelievable it'll have you wandering around muttering, "oh my GOD" under your breath.  i may or may not have done that.
    • underground in berlin by marie jalowicz simon.  a young Jewish Berliner assumes an identity and stays in Berlin for all of WWII.  sound impossible?  fact is stranger than fiction.  an insightful look at human nature and the codes by which we choose to live.


    • the orphan master's son by adam johnson.  a brutal but worthwhile story about North Korean life.  interestingly, it's written by an American and based on his brief visit, research, and accounts from defectors.  
    • the elegance of the hedgehog by muriel barbery.  sweet and inevitably sad.  about a young girl, the caretaker of her apartment building, and a new neighbor.  
    • the pleasure of my company by steve martin--yes, that one.  about an obsessive guy who can only leave his Santa Monica apartment under strict conditions, which are rarely met.  of course he eventually learns to lead a fuller life.
    • an object of beauty by steve martin.  an intriguing look at the New York art world, friendship, truth and what blinds us from it.